Betty, Sharon, and Vince are Back!

After readers asked, “What’s Betty up to now?” I wondered too, and two years later I know! Just Desserts, a tale of second chances is finished, a sequel to Escape from Assisted Living. It’s about the year after Betty Miles’ unauthorized exit from senior living to city living. She’s taking French, she’s dating and traveling. But her daughter Sharon isn’t much worried in spite of what she hears at the NuLook salon about senior socializing. She’s focused on Sharon’s Desserts, the shop she’s always dreamed of. D’Angelo & Sons construction is keeping her husband Vince busy, especially now that his mother Mary, who has abandoned house slippers for high heels,¬†wants to turn him into a sexy, DIY-style rehabber. But a midnight visitor bearing astonishing news may upset the family’s equilibrium. Betty and Sharon may have more exploring of their mother-daughter relationship while they discover whether people generally get their just deserts.


  • tamara cain

    I can’t wait to read about Betty’s new social experiences!!

  • Finished your book “Escape From Assisted Living” a few months ago, and read it over again. I loved it! I met you at the Pen State Book Fair in 2016. Hope to see you there again with a new book. I wrote the book “The Secrets to How Not to Throw Mama From the Train”

    Dr Jan

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