New Years Resolutions for the Writing Life or Any Other

On the Blog Changing Aging Jeanette Leardi wrote a very thoughtful entry on resolutions and listed four she hopes to keep in 2015. “I promised to try, as often as possible, to 1) create something, 2) maintain something, 3) repair something, and 4) let go of something.”

As I thought about my resolution to write more in the new year, these four actions seem very useful. Of course writers want to create something, but sometimes the muse doesn’t strike, even after lots of coffee. Creating something else may provide the sense of accomplishment sought and take one back to writing later. Maintaining something for a writer can mean doing the background work of social media or researching for new literary markets. Repair something certainly refers to rewriting and editing, or it could mean fixing a broken link on website. Letting go of something could be acknowledging finally that a favorite character or chapter should be cut, or it could mean the writer should let go of an attitude that is standing in the way of success.

I invite you to read Leardi’s whole essay. I’m sure you will see ways that these simple principles can enhance your progress toward your goals for 2015.

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